Camellia City Racing Pigeon Combine

Minutes of the January 22, 2007 Meeting



The meeting was called to order by Vice President Miller at 7:40pm at Fort Sutter Clubhouse.

Members present:

Bob Niemeyer            (AUB)          Ed Cancilla                 (MRC)

Bob Schneider            (AUB)          Mark Grima               (MRC)        

Joyce Stierlin             (AUB)          Loren Lukens             (MRC)

Bob Crosbie               (FSC)           Doug Burnett             (OVC)

Mike Kurtzner           (FSC)           Dan Walsworth          (OVC)

Tom Kwoka                (FSC)           Larry Miller               (SAC)

Barney LaZansky      (FSC)           Jim Williams               (SAC)

Frank Meder              (FSC)           Frank Martinez          (YOLO)

Jay Page                     (FSC)          

Richard Benefield      (HANG)      

Danny Gwinnup          (HANG)      


Guests:  Alex Bieche, Tim Perry, Andy Johas


Minutes of the November meeting were approved as distributed (motion by Meder/LaZansky).



FLY FOR HOPE CRAB FEED - Frank Martinez and Alex Bieche


The Fly For Hope Crab Feed in Winters on Saturday, February 10th, promises to be an excellent event.  100% of the proceeds will go to the City of Hope Cancer Center.  The crab will be fresh, not frozen, so reservations must be made by February 1st so the crab can be ordered.


                                                Call Frank Martinez at 530-662-1558 


Alex Bieche is coordinating the bird auction that will include birds from the Jones Boys, Carl Cardarelli (a Devriendt), Jim Richesin, Wally Sabell, Vincent Valenzuela (off Sure Bet), Mary Cox, John Cordova, Mike Cambra (from his best), Don McKinney (Vernazza Janssen), Dave Shoemaker, De La O/Siino, Bieche Lofts, Bill Nessler (a Devriendt), Carl & Tim Perry, and Hapyco.  There will be a professional auctioneer to keep the bidding lively and interesting. 


Frank Martinez is coordinating the raffle prizes, and some are worth $3000 to $6000 each.  Examples:  7 nights/8 days stay at a sleeps-9 cabin at Lake Almanor (week in June and week in August are available), an airplane ride over Monterey Peninsula plus room and lunch or dinner, 2 first-row seats at a Kings game, A’s tickets, Giants tickets, a Joe Montana autographed helmet, a Joe Montana autographed picture and a Ken Stabler autographed picture. 




DON’T MISS THIS EVENT….. BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK!  All proceeds go to the City of Hope Cancer Center.  Let’s show City of Hope that pigeon flyers appreciate all the help they provide for cancer patients, and their assistance and support at ordinance hearings..





NET WORTH as of 12/31/2006


Cash and Bank Accounts

            Checking                                                4423.00

            Savings I                                                   669.11

            Savings II                                            17,596.17

            TOTAL CASH & ACCTS                $22,688.28


Other Assets

            Crates                                                  18,684.20

            Trailer                                                    4,000.00

            Trailer Carport                                      1,880.24

            TOTAL OTHER ASSETS               $24,564.44


TOTAL ASSETS                                          $47,252.72


LIABILITIES                                                          0.00


OVERALL TOTAL                                      $47,252.72

CASH FLOW FOR LAST YEAR  1/1/2006 THRU 12/31/2006



            Annual Dues - 2006                              1,212.00

            Awards Banquet                                       237.50

            Interest Inc                                               712.57

            Reimbursements                                    <321.73>

            Upfront – 2005 YB                                   190.00

            Upfront – 2006 OB                              11,780.00

            Upfront – 2006 YB                                6,160.00

            TOTAL INFLOWS                             19,970.34



            Awards And Trophies                           2,220.08

            Bank Charge                                                0.00

            Diplomas                                                  432.00

            Newsletter                                                  81.90

            Office Supplies                                           17.14

            Race Results                                         1,620.00

            Refunds                                                    140.00

            Repairs                                                     465.94

            Supplies                                                      50.00

            Telephone                                                 416.38

            TOTAL OUTFLOWS                         20,031.76


OVERALL TOTAL                                             <61.42>





Flyers were mailed out today.  The banquet will be held on Saturday, March 3rd, at the Cherry Island Golf Course in Elverta.  Cocktails will begin at 6pm and dinner will be at 7pm.  Cost is $20 per person.  Dinner is buffet style, but let Miller know choice of food to assure the right amount in the buffet.  Door prizes will be given for ladies, and there will be auction birds.





For last year’s Rogerson Open, Bieche put articles in various publications and will give out trophies and plaques at the various combine banquets.  He covered expenses himself, but may charge a small amount (25-50 cents) per bird to cover expenses of a cover ad and the awards in 2007. 


5 combines (Camellia, Bay Cities, Northern California, Mid-Valley and Chico) plan to participate in this year’s race and have their Old Bird race schedules in sync for a Rogerson release on Saturday May 19th. If the weather is bad on prior weekends, Bieche is asking liberators to coordinate release or no release so the schedules remain in sync.  Meder said one issue of going with a Monday release to keep schedules in sync would be that our driver works his regular job on Monday.  Meder asked if we could fly from Jackpot instead of Rogerson for future Open races to make it easier for drivers to get accommodations.  There are none available at Rogerson.  Bieche responded that Rogerson was selected because it is the best release point for equal competition.  Also, the perpetual trophy says Rogerson.


All of the combines have implemented the 15-bird entry limit per flyer for Rogerson.  Bieche proposes to add a Friday race too (also a 15-bird limit).  However Bay Cities is scheduled for Imlay that Friday, but Camellia Combine normally releases from Lovelock (30 miles longer than Imlay). The possible change of Camellia Combine’s Friday release from Lovelock to Imlay will be taken back to the clubs for discussion and proposal at the March meeting.


Doug Burnett congratulated Bieche on the great job he did coordinating the race last year, and everyone gave Alex an appreciative round of applause.


President Kwoka arrived after a long drive from San Jose and took over the gavel.





To train for the Rogerson Open and participate in the Open, the River City Flyers club would like to rent 2 baskets on our trailer for Winnemucca (as a trainer release), Carlin (as a trainer release) and Rogerson (simultaneous release).  River City has decided not to join Camellia Combine, so their birdage and results would not be included in Camellia Combine results.  (They would be willing to rent the 2 baskets for the entire first half of the season if necessary.)  Based upon prior years’ basket usage, Cancilla said basket room might be a little tight on the Winnemucca weekend, but other weekends would probably have space.  Reno usually doesn’t join us until Carlin.  There were no complaints about scarcity of baskets last year.  Williams reminded Johas that we have a 25-bird limit per crate.  The River City Flyers’ request will be taken back to the clubs for submission of a proposal at the March meeting.





Auburn proposed that there be an additional Combine race from Lovelock on Friday morning on all two-day races (Rogerson, Council, Council, Grangeville).  No awards or diplomas, just Combine race sheets.  Shipping limits same as all races—15 birds per race.  Race birds and trainers released together.  This will be taken back to the clubs for discussion and vote at the March meeting.





Secretary Stierlin said 2/3 of the combine members have email addresses.  She proposes to send the Camellia Combine Newsletter via email to all members with an email address and send a hardcopy to the remaining 1/3 of the members who do not have email.  If email members need a hardcopy, please call Joyce at 916-847-9988.  Joyce also asked if moving the due date for Combine dues to March 1st instead of April 1st would pose any problem to the clubs.  No one felt this was an issue, so a proposal will be submitted at the March Combine meeting.


Burnett asked what we’re going to do about our concourse names not matching the National Database names.  It was moved by LaZansky, seconded by Schneider, and unanimously approved that we change our concourse names to Camellia East Section and Camellia West Section but do not change the names on the plaques until new ones are needed.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.


                                                            Joyce Stierlin, Combine Secretary